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Since 1999, we have been serving our customers with the philosophy of Happy Employees and Happy Customers within the framework of independence and impartiality. In this context, we continue our work by expanding our service network in different countries that will respond to the demands of our customers. With our offices in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, we are increasing our competitiveness with our global competitors.

In this context, we continue to create awareness by adding more technology to our activities, simplifying our business, and offering our already fast services to our customers faster.

By using the analysis of the above-mentioned issues, outputs and data, we are able to more effectively increase the diversity of our surveillance services and improve the product range we offer surveillance.

As a result, we contribute to the career development of our personnel by determining the competency trainings that our current team may need.

As Link Group of Companies, we are proud to offer our services to our customers.

Kind Regards,


General Manager of Link Group of Companies

30.165 Survey Files
8.356 Insurance Surveys
85 Cargo Types
32 Service Countries